Where to Find the Best Horse Racing Tips

Where to Find the Best Horse Racing Tips

There are numerous sources that provide advice on horse racing. Pricewise, Loves Racing and Tom Segal are just a few of the numerous sites that provide advice on horse racing. These sites offer a range of information and analysis about the horses that will be competing in any given race. But, it is important to keep certain points in mind when picking the best horse racing tips.


Although the rate of success of Pricewise horse racing tips is very high, it is not always easy to predict. The system works by highlighting the horse’s worth. The horse could be a 25/1 chance at the start of a race however when it drops to 14/1 , it is already a lot cheaper. It is not advised to bet on these horses.

Loves Racing

Brett Love, an ex-pro footballer, makes his living betting on high-quality horses in top-of-the-line races. He provides horse racing tips on a monthly subscription basis. He specializes in big-field, elegant handicaps, and prefers to back bets on each-way. He also prefers to keep his bets on mid-week races to an absolute minimum. Since the beginning of 2014, his picks have been successful and an average profit of 115.9 points.

The Sporting Life

Sports betting is a big business. But how can you know if a tip you are considering is good? There are several ways to make sure that you’re not wasting money on an untrue tip. You can look up the history of the tip. You can be sure they are not reliable if they have a history losing bets.

Horse Racing Tips

Since 2001 The Racing Post’s Pricewise offers horse racing tips to its readers. Pricewise’s strategy, which aims to find the value of a race instead of the highest price has earned him a reputation of being a highly successful horse racing tipster. Although the tipster’s strategies haven’t always been the most profitable, the tips have been highly praised by punters as an alternative to the traditional tipster’s method.

Richard Hutchinson

Richard Hutchinson has been racing for more than 30 years. He is a tireless watcher and studying form. He focuses on handicapping and grade 1 horses . He has a solid track record. His tips are supported by a spreadsheet of the results which he regularly updates. As a professional punter, Richard knows the value of a thorough report and puts a lot of thought into his picks.

Jonathan Stettin

Jonathan Stettin is a professional handicapper who shares his knowledge and love for racing horses through his columns and podcasts, articles and podcasts. His previous work includes thoroughbred profiles and reviews. His horse racing tips can be beneficial to any horse player, regardless of handicap level.