Top Rated Online Trading Platforms in the UK

Top Rated Online Trading Platforms in the UK

When it comes to investing money, online trading platforms are a great way to increase your profits and reduce risk. There are numerous platforms that provide numerous options, so it’s crucial to select one that’s right for your specific needs. In this article, we’ll examine Plus500, eToro, Trading 212, and SaxoTraderGO.


Plus500 offers a free demo account to beginners that is one of its main advantages. This allows new traders to test their risk while learning how to trade. In the demo, new traders are advised to use the same virtual currency they use in live trading. Plus500’s user-friendliness is another benefit. In contrast to other brokers, Plus500 is a user-friendly interface that makes learning how to trade easier.

Plus500’s trading platform is easy to use, and offers many options for products, low fees, and competitive spreads. The platform is regulated by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) the principal regulator of online trading in the U.K. The FCA ensures that the companies operate legally and in a transparent manner. Additionally, Plus500 is listed on the London Stock Exchange, which means that it has to adhere to reporting requirements. In turn, Plus500 has a strong parent company that can ensure its financial stability.

best trading platform uk of the major benefits of eToro is its transparency. It allows you to monitor your own trading and observe the performance of other traders. You can copy trades from a different trader however, you will be charged the same fee as the copying trader. It is important to note that past performance does not necessarily indicate future performance. The trading history you can observe is not longer than five years. The risk score can be a useful indicator to gauge the risks that are involved in trading. It is also possible to see how much money was lost by a different trader in the past week or year.

Another benefit of eToro’s community is its trading platform. This community is a great spot for market research and trading. You can also locate traders to trade with. You can also utilize the site’s filters. The three main ways to invest in eToro are:

Trading 212

Trading 212 is an online trading platform that offers numerous features that traders will appreciate. It is fully controlled and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This means that it must take all necessary steps to protect the customers’ money. It must, for example keep the funds of customers away from their bank accounts. Customers are protected up to PS85,000, and it implements a variety of security measures, like the detection of bugs and highlighting. Trading 212 allows traders to set up alerts for price changes or trades within their portfolio. Users can also subscribe to email notifications or set up push notifications.

To open an account with Trading 212, clients must provide their personal information, which includes their country of residence, birth date and the full name. They must also select the currency they will use for their account. Customers can fund their accounts using bank transfers, credit cards or debit cards. They can even make use of Giropay and Dotpay to pay for their account. Another benefit of this online trading platform is that it has no commissions for trading. This is a huge advantage for those who prefer to trade on a smaller scale in contrast to large amounts.


SaxoTraderGO, an online trading platform, provides traders with an all-in-one display that shows a range of assets and investment options. The extensive list of financial products includes FX ETFs, futures as well as listed options, stocks and bonds. Saxo’s platform lets users create portfolios dependent on their risk tolerance or risk appetite.

Saxo’s award-winning trading platform is available in over 20 languages and is utilized by more than a hundred financial institutions across the globe. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy to use. Saxo also invests in new traders and provides platform tutorials and webinars. Saxo also provides protection against negative balances, but there is no guarantee of the stop-loss.

IG Investments

IG Investments is one of the top trading platforms online in the UK, offering a broad range of investment opportunities. The firm provides professional and professional services, and its IG Smart Portfolios provide strategies for short-term as well as long-term investment. Customers in the UK are also able to place guaranteed stop losses. IG also offers low-fee ETFs, as well as a variety savings plans.

The company is licensed worldwide and offers thousands of trading instruments that have competitive spreads. It also provides a high-tech news, research and education portal. Clients can choose from a variety of platforms, including an educational version that is suitable for people who are new to the market. They can also upgrade as their equity increases. IG also provides direct market access to a wide range of assets, which will be a welcome feature for professionals. The company also offers guarantees on stop loss orders, which can help traders stay clear of the risks of market gap.