Maximising HCP Engagement With Star Outico Part of the Uniphar Group

Maximising HCP Engagement With Star Outico Part of the Uniphar Group

To be Pharmaceutical Recruitment Agency in the healthcare marketing industry, you must be able to increase the involvement of your customers online. This requires personalized content and personal campaigns. This is vital to drive traffic and generating interest in your content. Star Outico is part of Uniphar Group. This means you can be confident that you are using top engagement platforms.

Data analytics

Pharmaceutical companies need to ensure that they provide HCPs with material they find useful, and in the format they prefer. This is crucial in order to gain the trust and respect of healthcare professionals in today’s technological age. By providing relevant information, pharmaceutical companies are able to enhance their reputation and establish themselves as experts in their domain. The first step to achieve this is to listen to the opinions of the people they serve.

Data analytics tools can be used to find patterns and trends in the behavior of healthcare professionals. This can help improve engagement. Companies can increase their chance to engage their customers by determining the best time to reach certain groups. This can also help reduce marketing costs.


Star Outico is a company that combines the experience of medical professionals with the technological and data capabilities of a tech company. The acquisition of Star Outico by Uniphar enhances the capabilities of Star Medical and offers a fully-digitized outsourced sales service that increases client engagement throughout the entire process. Star OUTiCO presented its new brand identity to its employees in the past and made it available to the public. The company has made major investments in digital capabilities. The AXiOM platform developed by the company collects data from various sources and blends the data in real-time.

Utilizing these tools, pharma companies can create engaging and personalized content for HCPs. This method increases engagement and sales. It helps companies improve their sales professionals interactions with HCPs and creates new channels to meet their specific requirements. The results have been impressive.

Omni-channel account management

Reaching out to the right audience in the field of healthcare is crucial. The trick is to create an engaging online experience that inspires people to engage with your brand and products. This means leveraging the most popular engagement platforms. These platforms include social media websites and cloud-based software. Your own website is the best way to connect with healthcare professionals.

Star Outico, which was acquired by Uniphar which is now part of Uniphar’s portfolio of clients. Both companies offer an online-enabled, unified outsourced sales service that helps pharma companies improve client engagement at every stage of their commercial lifecycle. Star OUTiCO has been investing heavily in its digital capabilities to deliver customers with a better experience. Its AXiOM platform, for instance can be used to collect live program data and provide actionable insights.

Influence of other HCPs

Star OUTiCO, part of the Uniphar Group, is a market leader in the provision of outsourced commercial services with digital capabilities to the pharmaceutical industry. The company has a proven track of delivering commercial results by working with clients and ensuring that they achieve the results they desire. The company offers a comprehensive outsourced sales service, including data analytics and custom digital capabilities. It collaborates with clients to develop and implement customized solutions that enhance the commercial results.

Effective pharma HCP engagement strategies use an integrated approach to educate and engage with TLs, and to transfer their data to the broader HCP community. While this may appear to be a straightforward task, it’s difficult to make sure that your content is engaging the right HCPs. Pharma companies also have the task of creating and conveying clinical messages that are relevant to their target audience. They could lose engagement opportunities if they don’t present this content.