How SesameAccess Can Help Disabled People

How SesameAccess Can Help Disabled People

Sesame Access is a company which converts stairs into ADA-compliant elevators. The company also produces self-balancing wheelchairs, as well as retracting stairs. This article will cover the products as well as the company’s online community. Continue reading to find out stairlifts prices about Sesame Access!

Sesame Access transforms stairs into ADA accessible elevators

Sesame Access has been transforming stairs into ADA approved elevators for more than 20 years. The award-winning invisible lifts are compliant with the latest ADA regulations and doesn’t require structural modifications to the building. The company’s lifts provide smooth rides for everyone due to their extensive patented engineering.

Its retracting stair system

The Sesame System is a retracting staircase system for people with disabilities that offers a unique solution to a commonly-asked for problem accessibility for disabled. This innovative system provides pedestrian and wheelchair access to buildings. The system is perfect for listed buildings and can be designed to fit the building’s style. Its unique design also allows for easy customization and is bespoke, making it ideal to meet the needs of an individual.

The Sesame system converts a stairway to a ramp for wheelchairs but still keeping the original design of the structure. It can also be used in areas that have little space. Retracting stairlifts can be operated with a set of buttons. They can be programmed to work in a way that is automatic, or manually.

Its self-balancing wheelchair

The SesameAccess Scewo Bro, a self-balancing wheelchairthat allows those with disabilities to climb and descend stairs on their own. It features tank-like rubber tracks that allow it to climb and descend any staircase. Charlie Lyons, a UK-based engineer, created the wheelchair after noticing how difficult it was for people with disabilities to get around London. SesameAccess his company has developed more than 100 stairs to assist disabled people.

Its online community

If you are disabled, you’re not by yourself. Millions of people with disabilities live all over the world. There are many digital tools that can make you feel more at ease and connected, regardless of whether you’re a quadriplegic, or have a different impairment. This would have required a lot of money in the past. But digital technologies have made it possible to achieve this without spending a lot.