BOI Thailand Requirements

BOI Thailand Requirements

You need to be familiar about BOI’s requirements Thailand should you want to start a business in the country. This section provides information about the minimum capital requirement as well as tax exemptions for BOI certified companies, documents to be submitted, and the process for applying for promotion.

Minimum capital investment requirement

Investors must meet the minimum capital requirement in order to apply for a BOI Thailand promotion. The minimum capital investment required for BOI Thailand is THB 500,000. This does not include costs of land or working capital. The company must have a debt-to equity ratio that is less than four to one and a total turnover of not more than THB 500 million within its first three years. This may change in the future.

The minimum investment requirement in Thailand is different based on the kind of business. Some businesses require an investment of at least 1 million baht, whereas others do not. Foreign companies can choose to invest in Thailand in multiple tranches and submit the necessary documentation within 15 days.

Documents required by BOI

The first step in establishing your own business in Thailand is to apply for a business licence at the BOI. To obtain this license, you’ll need to fill in an application form. These forms can be found at the BOI’s office, or via the e-investment platforms. They ask questions about your business’s status as well as potential clients, strategies for investing, and shareholders. After you have completed the form, you’ll be required to send it along with all required documents and charges.

The gathering of the required documents is the next step when applying to Thailand to obtain a business licence. The information can be obtained online or from BOI offices around the world. Within 10 days of receiving the documents you can schedule an interview with BOI. This is a great opportunity to discuss your business plan, and address any issues.

Method of applying for a BOI promotion

No matter if your company is new or established, submitting for a BOI Thailand promotion is a crucial step to setting up your business in Thailand. To be eligible you must meet certain requirements. First, you must create an LLC by shares that include at least three Thai shareholders which includes a director or shareholder. Then, you must transfer a minimum amount of money from abroad. This amount cannot exceed twenty five percent of the capital that is registered. It is essential to provide evidence of ownership. Thirdly, you must make sure that your company is engaged in business activities that are permitted by the BOI.

BOIcompany registration in Thailand of obtaining an BOI Thailand promotion can be challenging and long. There are many requirements, including a minimum number of participants and an the amount of investment. To be approved, you will need to submit a variety of business documents. The process typically takes at least six months and you’ll be required to visit the BOI headquarters frequently during this time.