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ikapoe - the drowning 17. after the fall icarus drowned blind, video by roland quelven (2012)

music by sandra chechik, fly

the book of elements: fifty five elements & seven maps video by roland quelven (2012)

music by sandra chechik

ode to peter greenaway arrangement by kostas kakouris

luper in love (part 2, 3 and 4)

5x11 (year 1, 2 and 3)


bank of montreal private wealth management video (feat. lucie lapierre, marbler)

produced and directed by stan olthuis @ sharpshooter inc., music by sandra chechik

produced for michel viau @ ove brand design ( 2011)


ode to peter greenaway, live performance

composed by sandra chechik, performed by the oticons ensemble

with kostas kakouris and thodoris reglis

recorded at the university of ioannina, in ioannina greece (may 2010)


tcbe records & shikasta publishing
in time (2006)
by sandra chechik & benjamin russell / produced by benjamin russell
© all rights reserved. shikasta publishing (socan) & tcbe records
qds recording studio
purple (2005)
composed by sandra chechik / produced by michael ben
piano- sandra chechik / violin- julie garriss / cello- tristan longval-gagné
vocals- sandra chechik & michael ben


winds of time studio

composed and produced by sandra chechik

summit (2013)

scandiacus (photo by michel pilon/makeup by jacques lee pelletier 2013)

fall (2012)

fly - for grandpa (2012)

artemisiifolia (2012)

cloud (2012)

pay off (2012)

here (2012)

emevol (music and video by sandra chechik 2012)

fire, flowers, and hurricanes (2011)

timky (2011)

kaleidoscope (2010) (for DVD project and art exhibition entitled kaleidoscope by george e. russell)

samantha's theme (2009)

red (2009)

clockmaker (2008) ( for a short film entitled the clockmaker's revelation by paula froehle)

sigh (2007)

sleepy time (2006)

f!@# everything (2006)

home sweet home (2005)

visage de pierre (2005)
(for an exhibition entitled pierres humaines by daniel guilbeault)

5x11 (2005)

les réglements (2005)
(for the short film entitled les réglements by christine falco)

sheltie's dance (2004)

recipe for detoxification : work, eat, play, sleep (2004)

rustic garden (2004)

luper in love (2004)

secluded 04 mix (2004)

november full mix & love mix (2003/2004)

drift (2003)

things the aliens know that we don’t: yellow+blue (2002)

bonheur (2001)

demonstration:maroon (2001)

fleurs rouges et jaunes (2002)

fruitloop (1999, revised 2002)

listen (2002)

ode to peter greenaway (2000)

open (2001)

playing the whisper game (2001)

snow (2002)

statue (2002)
music composition and production by sandra chechik (except where indicated)
©1993-2013 winds of time music. all rights reserved
artwork & photos by sandra chechik