sandra chechik



born in montreal in 1977, sandra chechik began composing music in early childhood with a particular passion towards the piano.

her first serious work, a 5 movement piece for strings titled the winds of time, was completed at age 16.

satisfying a parallel passion for films, she studied creative arts in college and university.

she graduated from concordia university in 1999 where she specialized in communication studies and concentrated in sound production.

post-graduation, she composed and produced music while working in the field of advertising photography.

minimalist in style, sandra's musical compositions have been heard in various projects including

video, short film, cd-rom, video game, fashion show, poetry, radio montage, radio advertisement,

collaboration on album, website, art exposition, and feature film.

in recent years, one of her pieces has been performed live at various venues in greece,

by the oticons ensemble with musician and composer kostas kakouris.

since 2004, seven of sandra's pieces have been on rotation on galaxie, cbc's continuous music network.

in the fall of 2002, a self-titled album was released and includes music which was featured in

director peter greenaway's film, the tulse luper suitcases.

in 2006, sandra composed and produced sleepy time, a collection of children's bedtime music inspired by her eldest son.

in 2007 came the birth of sandra's second son and the release of sigh.

composed and produced over the span of one year, this album contains 9 pieces representing 9 months of her pregnancy.

in July 2009 sandra welcomed a baby girl into the world,

and has since collaborated and performed live with artist and musician benjamin russell.

recently, sandra's music has been featured in a web video for the bank of montreal,

and currently in the book of elements, a project by video artist roland quelven.